Industrial floors are a perfect alternative for the areas which require heavy traffic resistance due to the properties offered: impact resistance, reduced surface absorbency, durability. Thanks to these features, floors are indicated for industrial halls, production workshops, factories, car parks, petrol stations, markets, etc.

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We therefore have qualified and well-trained staff in terms of the used technologies for the implementation of materials, and in terms of choosing the right products for each type of work. The activities that take place on industrial floors are varied, this is why each project is personalized depending on how intense the traffic is, how heavy the machines are and how often they run, as well as many other technical aspects.

Our company pays special attention to the degree of flooring functionality, as it depends on several factors such as reinforcement type, concrete type, wear layer, sealing or joints execution. So, we implement the latest technology and ensure that the floor meets the demands of our customers every time.

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We can give you all the information that you need in relation to epoxy or polyurethane floors, mechanically finished floors, imprinted concrete and we provide the best industrial flooring services at competitive prices.
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