Epoxy floors are available in a wide range of colors, shades and finishes, these being the choice of more and more interior decorating specialists.

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So, this type of floors are not only made in commercial or industrial spaces, but also in residential use, due to its originality, high hygiene grade and aesthetic effect.

If you are interested in such a work, we can offer you high quality epoxy resins services, all the works being executed with top equipment and products.

Epoxy resins are bicomponent materials with special properties, which are initially liquid, and as a result of a chemical reaction between the two components, they solidify.

These materials are particularly suited to the building industry, with lots of reasons:

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  • moisture withstand
  •  great use resistance in time
  •  it is anti-slip
  •  withstand the action of chemicals
  •  stain free
  •  it is perfect for intensely circulated areas: commercial spaces (shops, showrooms, supermarkets), offices, canteens, hotels; means of public transport: buses, trams, subways, trains etc.; public spaces (schools, institutions, airports, railway stations, etc.)
  •  it is antibacterial (it therefore meets the hygienic standards required in the food and medical industry: factories, production halls, food and medical cabinets, dental practices, laboratories, waiting rooms, hospitals, operating rooms)
  •  it is very easy to maintain
  •  It can also be installed on underfloor heating systems

More details will be discussed on the phone.

Therefore, due to the advantages listed above, more and more customers require the application of epoxy resins as flooring. They are ideal for coating or painting of hard, medium, or light heavyweight flooring, suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industry, various workshops, storage areas, medical and chemical laboratories, production facilities, indoor parking and many other spaces . Epoxy resins can also be used as a primer for coating systems on steel, wood, mortar or as a bonding layer for various other materials.

Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of epoxy flooring systems, so you can use our services with all your confidence. We respond promptly to the requests and provide advice to those interested. We are waiting for you!