Welcome to Pardvest!

Pardvest is a private company which is offering a range of products and services for the execution of industrial floors, epoxy resins and imprinted concrete, as well as restoration of damaged floors.

We execute imprinted concrete systems, industrial floors and resins systems. The materials and technologies that are used for the execution of flooring systems are provided by the famous manufacturers, one of the most famous being SIKA ROMANIA, this fact allows us to offer a high degree of professionalism and quality

Our company has the latest equipments and machinery, like: Laser Screed Somero S160, Barikell 90 and 120 double helicopters – mechanical and hydraulic, helicopters 60 for surface finishes and edges, and qualified staff in the field of activity, which allows us to perform high quality standards works, having the the ability to plow and finish an area of 2500 square meters per day.

We are at your disposal with complete offers for our products, the necessary consultancy being offered for free!